Members of the Northeast Air Fueling Team, from L to R: Fuel Dispatcher, Peter Smith; Airline Fuelers: Peter Berlucchi, Ed Simpson, John Riley, Jerry Scott, Paul Nadeau, Tom Runstadler, Eddie Howard, Ethan Peters, Danny Bowden, Troy Jellison, Adam Munson, Jason Gilpatrick, and Fuel Manager Ralph Malcolm.

Northeast Air’s Fueling Team had a banner year in 2015, according to NEA Vice President Mark Goodwin and Controller Bob King. The Team completed fueling an astonishing 13,738 scheduled flights at the Portland International Jetport with zero delays.

Since November 2014, there have been no flight delays on any commercial flight caused by the NEA crew. Fuel Team Manager Ralph Malcolm attributes the record to a combination of high-level training and top-notch crew members who consistently take pride in their work and strive to do their jobs efficiently.

The Fueling Team’s next goal is to achieve a run of 15,000 consecutive scheduled flights without a single delay on the part of the Team.

The Northeast Air Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Team played a crucial role in keeping our fleet of fuel trucks running and in top condition. Team members, from L to R: Chris Baker, Jeff Johnston, Mike Bushley, Phil Smith, James Wood, Brett Buntjer.